The Links - Volume 6

Good afternoon, 

If you are looking for some Friday afternoon reading, here are some articles that I saw recently and wanted to pass along:  

1. I keep hearing more and more about hackers posing as employees via email and requesting sensitive information from another employee.  Here is a story from the Philadelphia Inquirer about a couple of recent incidents.  The KCBJ also had a quick story about the same thing happening locally within the past couple of weeks.   

2. A tattoo parlor in Whole Foods?  That is one of many possibilities as the company gets ready to launch their low-price grocery store chain.  

3. When the headline says "The 1 Company Perk That All Employees Crave and It's Completely Free" it is hard not to click and take a peek.   

4. Kansas City got some nice pub recently when the WSJ published An Insider's Guide to KC.  If you are looking for something  to do this weekend, take some suggestions from Colby & Megan Garrelts or Matt Baldwin.  

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your weekend.  


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The Links - Volume 5

Good Morning, 

Hopefully your Friday is not too crazy and you have some time to catch up on things.  Here are some articles that I read recently that I wanted to pass along.

1. Inc. did a survey recently with CEOs of lower middle market companies.  The survey findings are presented in this State of Small Business article that touches on everything from bank lending to healthcare to finding qualified candidates.  

2. I'm sure many consumer based companies dream of landing on the shelves at a big retailer but this WSJ article shows how small food companies have struggled to keep up with the requirements of serving the national retail companies.    

3. If you are looking for some gifts, strategy+business listed their best business books of 2015. 

4. I think it is important to continually read about how other companies are handling (struggling with?) healthcare.  Here is an article about a company in Tennessee who is using communication and wellness programs to help combat costs.  

5. I recently attended a meeting of the Association for Corporate Growth here in town.  There was a panel discussion about the local capital market scene.  KCBJ had an article that summarized the discussion.   

As usual, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your weekend.  


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The Links - Volume 4

Hey Everyone, 

Here are some articles that I saw over the past few weeks that I thought would be helpful to pass along:    

  1. Many employers will need to start sending forms similar to 1099's to their employees to comply with ACA  reporting responsibilities.  Similar to W2's, these are due by the end of January.  This article from SHRM is a good summary of what is required.  
  2. We have been hearing for years that as baby boomers retire we will see a substantial increase in businesses for sale.  This WSJ article talks about why we have not seen the anticipated volume.    
  3. This article from CFO Magazine talks about the role of the CFO in a family business.  
  4. As healthcare premiums continue to increase each year, many companies struggle with how to charge their employees for this benefit.  Here is a short article about a company who charges employees a percentage of their salary as opposed to a flat fee.  
  5. The Department of Labor has proposed some new OT rules that would raise the salary floor of who would be considered exempt.  The KCBJ had an article recently that touched on the subject.   

Thanks for reading, 

Mike DeMaio

The Links - Volume 3

1. This short article about M&A from Forbes had a couple of good tidbits for both buyers and sellers.  

2. There has been a lot of pub about the new credit cards that contain microchips.  Here is a Kansas City Star article about the October 1st merchant deadline.  

3. If you are wondering if you should consider upgrading your company to Windows 10, here is a KCBJ article about what you need to know about the new operating system.

4. Don't like the annual review process?  Fast Company has an article about scrapping the annual task.  

5. From the Kansas City Business Journal's Growth Strategies section, here are 10 ways to help midmarket business owners succeed.   

Thanks for reading, 

Mike DeMaio

The Links - Volume 2

1. The Boston Bruins are fighting with the IRS about deducting meals when the team is on the road.

2. From HR Magazine, here are 25 quick examples of how companies are improving morale in their organization.  

3. This article talks about what questions to ask when you are not hitting your budget.

4. WSJ had an article about how companies are putting data into the hands of farmers to help them manage their operation.  

5. Here is the popular New York Times article on the challenges of working inside Amazon.  

Thanks for reading,

Mike DeMaio


The Links Volume 1

  1. Here is an article about ADP launching a private healthcare exchange.  The article talks about the three Cs of healthcare: Cost, Compliance, and Consumerism.
  2. The Wall Street Journal featured luxury living in downtown Kansas City.  (No subscription needed to read article)
  3. Here's what the owner of a small business really earns.  Fortune ran this article as an excerpt from the book Boss Life: Surviving My Own Business.   
  4. From free snacks to nap rooms, many different companies are offering Google-style office perks.  

Thanks for reading,