The Links - Volume 4

Hey Everyone, 

Here are some articles that I saw over the past few weeks that I thought would be helpful to pass along:    

  1. Many employers will need to start sending forms similar to 1099's to their employees to comply with ACA  reporting responsibilities.  Similar to W2's, these are due by the end of January.  This article from SHRM is a good summary of what is required.  
  2. We have been hearing for years that as baby boomers retire we will see a substantial increase in businesses for sale.  This WSJ article talks about why we have not seen the anticipated volume.    
  3. This article from CFO Magazine talks about the role of the CFO in a family business.  
  4. As healthcare premiums continue to increase each year, many companies struggle with how to charge their employees for this benefit.  Here is a short article about a company who charges employees a percentage of their salary as opposed to a flat fee.  
  5. The Department of Labor has proposed some new OT rules that would raise the salary floor of who would be considered exempt.  The KCBJ had an article recently that touched on the subject.   

Thanks for reading, 

Mike DeMaio