The Links - Volume 5

Good Morning, 

Hopefully your Friday is not too crazy and you have some time to catch up on things.  Here are some articles that I read recently that I wanted to pass along.

1. Inc. did a survey recently with CEOs of lower middle market companies.  The survey findings are presented in this State of Small Business article that touches on everything from bank lending to healthcare to finding qualified candidates.  

2. I'm sure many consumer based companies dream of landing on the shelves at a big retailer but this WSJ article shows how small food companies have struggled to keep up with the requirements of serving the national retail companies.    

3. If you are looking for some gifts, strategy+business listed their best business books of 2015. 

4. I think it is important to continually read about how other companies are handling (struggling with?) healthcare.  Here is an article about a company in Tennessee who is using communication and wellness programs to help combat costs.  

5. I recently attended a meeting of the Association for Corporate Growth here in town.  There was a panel discussion about the local capital market scene.  KCBJ had an article that summarized the discussion.   

As usual, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your weekend.  


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